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  Introducing A CURE FOR THE LIVING – the latest novel by William Mazanitis:

William MazanitisA CURE FOR THE LIVING
A second crossover novel, a Scientific Mystery/Thriller that also delves into the philosophical, social and personal consequences of making A CURE FOR THE LIVING public.

SYNOPSIS: Christian Darius, Pulitzer Prize winning reporter for The New York Times, is summoned by his old friend and associate, NYPD Detective James Drake, to help in the investigation of two peculiar cases. One involves the body of a Viet Nam veteran, missing for over ten years, found floating beneath the Hudson piers. In the same week a woman reports a male intruder who appeared by her bedside in the middle of the night and claimed to be her father, also a Viet Nam veteran from the same platoon missing for some ten years. But both the body in the morgue and the man appearing in the night look as they did in their twenties. Even harder to explain is that the dead veteran lost both legs in the war, and they are now intact. How can they be the same men?

With the aid of Darius' colleague Claudia and Reggie, an MIT-educated expert hacker, Darius tracks down the members of the platoon and discovers that only four are still alive. But, apparently not for long.

What is the mystery of these lost veterans who have reappeared like ghosts as young men? Darius' journey takes him to a discovery of a disaster on the brink of destroying civilization and the painful scrutiny of his own life, loyalty and love. Will Darius save the world or himself?

Download the first chapter of 'A CURE FOR THE LIVING'. Comment

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A crossover novel, a Scientific Mystery/Thriller that also probes the philosophical, social and religious questions behind evolution and intelligent design.

SYNOPSIS: Venice, Italy. While attending a conference on the human genome, genomics scientist Dr. Max Wilder witnesses the murder of his brother Toby in the center of St. Mark’s Square. Toby, a genomics scientist in his own right, has been working for the Janus Corporation, a highly successful and secretive biotech company. Among Toby’s effects, Max discovers clues that lead to a computer model which promises to rock the foundations of both science and faith.

With the help of Toby's girlfriend, Max unlocks the secrets inside Janus Corporation's experiments with evolution and the computer program designed to predict the future genetic development of the human race.

An inveterate agnostic, Max is shocked by the implications of the program yet risks his life to prevent this knowledge from falling into the very hands that have tried to manipulate mankind for millennia. Pursued by a ruthless agent intent on destroying all who know of the model’s existence, Max battles assassins and abduction to discover the original creator of the model, the true reason for Toby’s murder, and the twelve-year-old secret that has doomed the Wilder family.

Download the first chapter of 'THE DAEDALUS PROJECT'.

To find out more about this book and its publication, please follow the Bill Maz Blog.

Download Chapter One of The Cure
Download Chapter One
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"I am dying for the next chapter"
Shawn Kelly, Australia
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