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A Cure For The Living

William MazanitisMany have tried but few have succeeded like 'THE DAEDALUS PROJECT' in exposing the deep conspiracy inside the cloaked world of genomics. Murder and intrigue surround scientists who have created a computer model proving the development of the human race was pre-written into the genetic code.

William Mazanitis explodes into the realm of scientific thrillers with 'The Daedalus Project'. His debut novel draws on his extensive experience as a medical practitioner, a colorful upbringing in Europe and USA and his musings on intelligent design vs evolution. If you have a passion for science thrillers you will be intoxicated by this book.

Now Dr. Mazanitis introduces his second mystery/thriller 'A CURE FOR THE LIVING'. More nail-biting suspense surrounds the mystery of 'regenerated' Viet Nam veterans who have a secret to tell and the devastating impact on society should they tell it.

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